Russell 16749A common design task is to remove any superfluous objects from a photograph to focus on the product. In this case for Russell Athletic it was the pretty models wearing their clothing range.


It is easy enough to clear-cut out the models limbs and replace any cloth their hands were obscuring, but the fun part is replacing parts we can’t see, like behind the neck.  Here we not only have to replace the same material, guess the basic missing shape, we also have to make it look 3D, as though the model were invisible.


In photoshop production the process involves copying the layer and placing it blow the main clothing shot, the clear-cut will only allow the neck portion to show.  Flip it horizontal and squish it up a bit vertically, and give it a slight rotation to match up with both edges. The key is the final shade – use an airbrush on multiply, work out where the light is coming from and shade away.


These shots were from a  low resolution shoot designed for web viewing, and with a range of over 30 images it meant we had to be quick. In this case we tried to keep each edit down to 12 minutes a shot.